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What should be paid attention to when using infrared thermometer
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1. Pay attention to the environment and hot spots

There are certain requirements for the working environment in the work in order to make the measurement data more accurate, so it is necessary to make advance adjustments to the environment in advance whether there may be smoke, steam or large temperature differences. At the same time, before the measurement, pay attention to adjust the thermometer to the correct hot spot position so that it can effectively measure the surface temperature of the target object.

2. Pay attention to the influence of glass on the measurement results

When using the thermometer, pay attention to the possible impact of glass products on the measurement results. Because the working principle of the thermometer makes it impossible to transmit quartz glass products with reflection and transmission effects when measuring the temperature, it is necessary to avoid glass products or use infrared windows in order to achieve the purpose of measuring the temperature of the object during the specific use process.

3. Pay attention to use and storage issues

The third issue to note when using a thermometer is to follow the correct steps and store the instrument properly after use. When using the thermometer, the staff should hold the handle of the instrument according to the requirements and carry out the measurement after the instrument is aligned with the object to be measured. After completing the measurement task and waiting for the instrument to be shut down, place it in the instrument box for proper Storage, at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the storage place is in a suitable temperature and dry environment.


It can be seen from the above aspects that when using the thermometer, you need to pay attention to the specific use environment and determine the hot spots, glass and other quartz bodies on the measurement results in advance, and the use and storage of the instrument. Paying attention to these details can ensure the temperature measurement data is more accurate and also benefit the long-term use of the instrument.

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